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A Mother’s Day photo tribute

We recently invited a few moms to submit their children’s baby photos – in honor of Mother’s Day.

Remember: If you have a new baby coming, or a new arrival, you’ll want to sign up and create a diary at TinyYears.com. Best of all… it’s FREE!

Thanks to Tamara from PeaWeeBaby.com for sharing this image. We love the sweet sister/brother shot.

Thanks to Suzanne from The Boy’s Store for sharing this image. Look at that adorable black hair!

Thanks to Louise from Signing Families for sharing these images. “Whatchoo look’n at? Huh?”

Ahhh… a proud grandpa moment.

Thanks to Leah from Peacock Pottery for sharing this image. Big brother feeding his younger bro – super cute.

Thanks to Melinda from Womentorz for sharing this image. Check out those big brown eyes!

Thanks to Connie from Mom to Madre for sharing this image. A beautiful mama with her big boy! (1983)

Thanks to Shara from Mommy Perks for sharing this image. Big brother sleeping with his little sister – precious.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

New home page

We’ve updated our home page at TinyYears.com. You’ll find a new explanation of our offerings:

Capturing your baby’s story

The TinyYears diary is an innovative and illustrated baby diary, allowing you to capture and preserve memorable moments in a secure environment.

The TinyYears diary let’s you capture events from a cell phone via email directly to your baby’s diary.

You can choose to share the additions with friends and family with just one click.

We’ll be offering printed versions of the diaries at a later date so don’t delay – start building your pages now!

Enjoy collecting and sharing these precious moments!

Are you pregnant? Take photos now for your online diary!

Just a little reminder: If you are currently pregnant, don’t forget to take photos now so you can add them to your TinyYears diary. Your baby might not be here just yet but she/he will love seeing your big belly in the images later on 🙂

I’m currently 8 months pregnant and although I am not loving myself in photos right now, I’m trying to take at least a few. I’m sure my daughter will appreciate that some day.

Smile for the camera!

Add photos to your diary today: TinyYears Diary

Easter photos, anyone?

For those of you who celebrate Easter, this last weekend was a special one! Don’t forget to add your favorite Easter photo to your TinyYears diary!

Here’s one of my favorite photos, taken this week. My son decided to plop a bucket on his head and wear his Easter bucket as a hat. His sister said, “Hello??? What are you doing in there?” LOL

My children are not babies and your TinyYears diary photo will likely be of your baby or toddler… take plenty of photos now so you can print your diary later! (We’ll soon be offering print versions of the diary for those who wish to print a hard copy for memory sake)

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Sign up now, without using Facebook!

After getting feedback from numerous parents we were asked to give you a new way to sign up; without using Facebook.

You can now sign up to create an online diary without going through the Facebook application.

Sign up today! TinyYears : Capturing Your Baby’s Story

Under “Sign In” simply click “Register.” That’s it! Please remember that our website is safe and that your information will not be shared or sold with third party entities.

New sign-up method coming soon!

During the last few weeks we’ve been surveying moms, asking them to use our Facebook app, give feedback on our application and any potential glitches, etc. Several moms have expressed interest in having an alternative way to create their Diary (without going through the Facebook app).

Their wish is our command and we’ll soon launch a new way to sign up.

Stay tuned!

The TinyYears Team

National Craft Month: 10 resources

March is National Craft Month! It’s our belief that crafting with kids should start in the early years – to assist with the development of fine motor skills, creativity, bonding and more.

Here are a few websites we love and perhaps you’ll love them, too:

ABC Teach

Martha Stewart

The Preschool Toolbox

Wikki Stix

Kids Perks


Early Childhood News and Resources

Pinterest (find ideas here, from varied sources)

KinderArt (recycled crafts)

Fun In The Making (recycled crafts)

More reading:

The importance, ages and stages of crafts

Get involved with TinyYears

Welcome to TinyYears!

We’d love to have you stop by our DEMO page to learn more about what we offer.

You can also find TinyYears on Facebook.

We’ll soon have a Twitter account, too.

If you find glitches in our Online Diary program please feel free to let us know. We are working out some of the details now.  More to come!

Welcome to TinyYears: A note from the Founder

TinyYears was founded in 2011 by Ron Ben-Chen.

With a vast background in UX and UI software development, Ron is also a father of two children. The idea for TinyYears came from the search for the right environment that would enable him to capture his children’s precious moments.

The need to keep every experience in a child’s growing-up process created the idea for “TinyYears Diary.”

Ron shares:

We at TinyYears are providing you the answer to that special need to commemorate every unforgettable experience in all stages of your child’s infancy. The “TinyYears Diary” lets you gather all those precious moments chronologically into a beautifully illustrated diary.

The “TinyYears Diary” is the perfect solution: You’ll be able to celebrate and describe your baby’s first smile, first step, first word, etc. You may also add images to the special event.

The use and viewing of the diary is strictly private but if you choose, you can share your account with the family or friends of your choice (in a single click).

You can add each special moment from every location straight to the online diary using your mobile phone. A print version of the diary will also be available later on.

TinyYears wishes you great enjoyment in collecting all those precious memories…

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