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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

New home page

We’ve updated our home page at TinyYears.com. You’ll find a new explanation of our offerings: Capturing your baby’s story The TinyYears diary is an innovative and illustrated baby diary, allowing you to capture and preserve memorable moments in a secure environment. The TinyYears diary let’s you capture events from a cell phone via email directly …

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Are you pregnant? Take photos now for your online diary!

Just a little reminder: If you are currently pregnant, don’t forget to take photos now so you can add them to your TinyYears diary. Your baby might not be here just yet but she/he will love seeing your big belly in the images later on 🙂 I’m currently 8 months pregnant and although I am …

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Easter photos, anyone?

For those of you who celebrate Easter, this last weekend was a special one! Don’t forget to add your favorite Easter photo to your TinyYears diary! Here’s one of my favorite photos, taken this week. My son decided to plop a bucket on his head and wear his Easter bucket as a hat. His sister …

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