Designed Ilustrated diary for your baby

Welcome to TinyYears: A note from the Founder

TinyYears was founded in 2011 by Ron Ben-Chen.

With a vast background in UX and UI software development, Ron is also a father of two children. The idea for TinyYears came from the search for the right environment that would enable him to capture his children’s precious moments.

The need to keep every experience in a child’s growing-up process created the idea for “TinyYears Diary.”

Ron shares:

We at TinyYears are providing you the answer to that special need to commemorate every unforgettable experience in all stages of your child’s infancy. The “TinyYears Diary” lets you gather all those precious moments chronologically into a beautifully illustrated diary.

The “TinyYears Diary” is the perfect solution: You’ll be able to celebrate and describe your baby’s first smile, first step, first word, etc. You may also add images to the special event.

The use and viewing of the diary is strictly private but if you choose, you can share your account with the family or friends of your choice (in a single click).

You can add each special moment from every location straight to the online diary using your mobile phone. A print version of the diary will also be available later on.

TinyYears wishes you great enjoyment in collecting all those precious memories…

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